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Being connected to other adoptive parents and supportive resources is a crucial feature for a happy and healthy adoption. We always seek to stay connected to our support base as well as making new and rich connections. Use our Resource tab for online support and links to helpful videos.  

 building relationships with parent-led-attachment Strategies

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Staying positive, centered, and focused is a purposeful endeavor for adoptive parents and professionals. While it may come easier for some, it remains a task for all parents to work on. Our hurried lives and the needs of our children will deplete our reserves so we need to ensure we have plans to replenish and recharge.


A traumatic or chaotic past can cause a child depression and anxiety. When a child’s anxiety spike, it can cause them to emotionally dysregulate. These behaviors frequently presents as a temper tantrum or outburst of anger. During the moment of dysregulation it is imperative the child see the parent as a partner against the harmful past as we help the child re-regulate their emotions through calming strategies